A Camden man who a year ago was described as one of that troubled city's most violent offenders has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for selling the powerful hallucinogenic drug PCP.

Kevin J. Hannah, 48, also known as ICU, was sentenced Friday by Camden County Superior Court Judge Michael J. Kassel. The sentence stipulates that he is ineligible for parole for 41/2 years.

Hannah had pleaded guilty April 1 to first-degree distribution of PCP. On two separate occasions, he sold an ounce of "oil," a liquid form of PCP, to a witness cooperating with law enforcement, according to a spokesman for the state Attorney General's Office.

The probe into Hannah's drug activities was an offshoot of Operation Billboard, a nine-month state, local, and federal investigation into a major heroin network in Camden led by Noel Gonzalez, 44, an alleged member of the Netas street gang.

Gonzalez and 35 others face charges out of a Jan. 11 state grand jury indictment.

At the time of Hannah's arrest on May 30, 2012, he was on a list of Camden's top 10 violent offenders that was compiled by law enforcement authorities.