The owners of three South Jersey pharmacies, including two in Burlington County, that are accused of violating state regulations have agreed to surrender their ability to sell narcotics, authorities announced Friday.

Acting State Attorney General John J. Hoffman and Consumer Affairs Director Eric T. Kanefsky said the pharmacies failed to comply with state requirements for dispensing controlled dangerous substances (CDS).

The alleged violations were uncovered during inspections conducted by the state Division of Consumer Affairs' Enforcement Bureau.

The pharmacies, Olde Medford Pharmacy and Medford Family Pharmacy, both owned by Michael Ludwiskowski, and Reiter's Family Pharmacy in Ocean Township, owned by Mark Forgang, last week surrendered their state-issued CDS registrations, which allowed them to handle and dispense controlled medications.

All CDS medications have been removed from the three pharmacies, the state said in a news release. The stores are barred from possessing, ordering, manufacturing, or distributing any medication classified as a controlled dangerous substance.

"A doctor's or pharmacist's ability to work with these drugs is not a right but a privilege granted by the state," Hoffman said in a statement. "It is our duty to revoke that privilege when we find violations."

The state did not provide details of the alleged violations.

A public notice was posted at the entrance to each store, that its ability to carry or sell controlled drugs had been revoked, the state said.

An employee at the Medford Family Pharmacy said Ludwiskowski was on vacation Friday and unavailable for comment. A message left for a supervisor was not returned.

An employee who answered the telephone at Reiter's said Forgang had left for the day. Another employee who refused to give her name declined to comment.

The pharmacies may apply for a new CDS registration and provide proof that they are able to comply with state requirements, the state said. An inspection, similar to one required for a new pharmacy, must be conducted.