Sunoco Logistics representatives, whose attempts to answer residents' questions about a proposed pumping station were met with anger Tuesday night, will get another chance to hear residents' concerns at a West Goshen zoning board meeting next Thursday.

Sunoco hosted a question-and-answer forum Tuesday at West Chester East High School, where more than 250 people showed their frustrations about Sunoco's communications with the public and the pumping station itself.

Sunoco acknowledged that it should have reached out to a broader range of residents earlier than it did, which is one reason it hosted the forum.

"Usually it's a productive way for people to express themselves in public and for us to put our information on the record in public," Sunoco spokesman Jeff Shields said Wednesday.

Residents were upset that some people were cut off from speaking at Tuesday's meeting, which lasted only two hours because Sunoco said it was told by the township to wrap it up by 9 p.m.

Sunoco said it wished it had more time to answer residents' questions at the forum and will answer more at the meeting.

Shields said Tuesday's meeting was one step in its commitment to making sure residents get the information they want about the pumping station at Route 202 and Boot Road, and future projects.

"Some people didn't seem to absorb what we were saying" at Tuesday's meeting, Shields said. "That's on us."