University of Maryland law dean Phoebe Haddon will take over Rutgers-Camden on July 1. Here are some of her thoughts . . .

On responsibility:

"I bring people in to the discussion. I do it early, I listen, we engage in conversation. And ultimately, when you're the dean [or] you're the chancellor, the buck stops with you. I don't think it's appropriate to do it without hearing from other people.

On the problems facing

public universities:

"Leaders have to consider how to do more with less. Whether there are other revenue-generating opportunities, how do you create access for students who aren't going to be able to pay their way?"

On combating New Jersey's

"brain drain":

"I am really excited about the prospect of doing more to identify students in that area to come to Rutgers-Camden. It's interesting to me that, as many quality schools as there are in New Jersey, including Rutgers predominantly, many, many students go outside of New Jersey to get their undergraduate and graduate educations."

On selecting Rutgers-Camden:

"The Rutgers-Camden community is of the size and quality that I thought would be a good place for me to make the next step. . . . But also to help define some of the future of higher education in terms of costs and opportunities. How we provide access to students of diverse backgrounds and incomes is going to be a critical problem going forward."EndText