CINNAMINSON The site of two closed landfills in Cinnaminson and Delran will require continued monitoring but no further cleanup at this time, the Environmental Protection Agency announced Wednesday.

A public meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. May 12 at the Cinnaminson Community Center, 1621 Riverton Rd., to discuss the federal agency's plans for the Cinnaminson Ground Water Contamination Superfund site. Public comments will then be accepted through May 29.

The landfills are on a 400-acre site that originally was a sand and gravel mining operation. Later solid waste, including hazardous substances, were dumped in the mining pits.

The ground water and soil at the site are contaminated with volatile organic compounds and heavy metals, the EPA said in statement released Wednesday. The landfills have been covered with protective caps to prevent water moving through them, and contaminated ground water is pumped and treated to prevent contamination of the local drinking water supply.

Future cleanup will focus on contamination in other areas of the site.

The work is being funded by SC Holdings Inc., a subsidiary of Waste Management Inc. This groundwater and landfill cap monitoring phase of the cleanup will cost about $2.2 million, the EPA said.
- Inquirer staff