HARRISBURG Pennsylvania's highest court on Thursday said Gov. Corbett's only Republican challenger will not be listed on the May 20 primary election ballot.

The state Supreme Court reversed a lower court in a 5-2 decision, finding that Ardmore businessman Bob Guzzardi's failure to file his statement of financial interests on time with the state Ethics Commission was a "fatal flaw" that disqualified his candidacy.

Guzzardi is an outspoken Corbett critic who said he was running to give GOP conservatives an alternative. He had conceded his campaign was a long shot and, in a statement, thanked his supporters.

"What happens is supposed to happen, and there is something for me to learn," he said in the statement, released after the decision. "I have been honored with support from fine people who did not know me and yet helped me."

Campaign-finance reports show Corbett had raised $9 million for his reelection campaign through the end of March. Guzzardi reported raising less than $5,000.