CALN TOWNSHIP One of the most congested areas in Caln will get a traffic adjustment Monday.

The timing of the signal at Lincoln Highway and Bondsville Road will be changed to allow northbound and southbound traffic to move through at the same time, said the township engineer, Jeffrey McClintock.

Now, there are three phases in the intersection's cycle: East-West, North, and South traffic each gets a turn. After Monday, the East-West traffic will go, then North-South.

The lane lines also will be adjusted. For northbound and southbound traffic, there have been a right-turn-only lane and a shared lane for straight and left-turning traffic. Instead, there will be a left-turn-only lane, and right-turners will queue with cars going straight.

The change cost more than $16,000, most of that from the township's 2013 bond issue.

"This is kind of a big deal. We've been talking about this for . . . a number of years," McClintock said. The state Department of Transportation agreed to the change on the condition that the township continue to try for funding to make improvements to the intersection, such as moving curb lines and power poles.

Traffic sometimes backs up a mile and a half from the light in certain directions.

The township expects traffic delays Monday morning while the change is being made but said the signal should be working again by the afternoon rush hour.

- Justine McDaniel