Council to consider tiny tax decrease

BRISTOL TOWNSHIP The township council next week will consider a budget that contains a tiny tax decrease but a major reduction in decimal points.

If approved, the local real estate millage would drop from 23.9875 - or $23.9875 per $1,000 of valuation - to 23.98. While the change would net the owner of a median-priced home an estimated 18 cents annually, the new millage would constitute a 50 percent decrease in decimal points.

"The fact that Bristol Township had a millage rate with four decimal points has bothered me every day I have worked here, much like a crooked picture that you pass on a wall," William McCauley III, manager of the county's second-biggest municipality, said in presenting the budget to council last month.

McCauley said the $68 million budget also contained no other fee or rate increases. He said the township had made "all the difficult decisions" to keep spending under control. However, he said, it would still need help from the state and federal governments.

- Inquirer staff