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Talk about "to go."

A roast pork sandwich with a serious mission

John Bucci has seen a lot in his years behind the counter at John's Roast Pork in South Philadelphia.

On Thursday, a customer came in and said his father - a fan of Bucci's pork Italian sandwich - had passed away. The funeral will be Saturday.

Then the customer, Matt Gleason, told Bucci that his father, John "Butch" Gleason, had a last request.

" 'The day I die, promise me you'll put one of his sandwiches in my casket,' " said his other son, John.

Bucci packed one up (adding lots of sharp provolone and spinach), wrote "To Butch from John Jr. RIP" in Sharpie on the wrapper, and sent Matt Gleason on his way. Matt Gleason plans to freeze it till Saturday.

"Butch" Gleason, 66, of Marlton, was a retired salesman for Philip Morris and a longtime basketball coach in South Jersey. He was also a foodie and a devoted grandfather to John Gleason's daughter, Kai.

"He's up in heaven right now telling everybody that 'John autographed a sandwich for me,' " John Gleason said.

Said Bucci: "This is an incredible honor."