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Arcadia, India to begin program

GLENSIDE Arcadia University has partnered with Global Pathways Institute (GPI) in Mumbai so that Indian students can study for two years in their country and then finish their degrees at Arcadia or another U.S. university.

Arcadia president Nicolette DeVille Christensen said this approach differs from the typical recruitment of Indian students and "will have great appeal to many Indian families and students."

Students will apply to Arcadia at GPI in Mumbai and be accepted under the same standards as students applying to the Glenside campus. In addition to coming to Montgomery County for their final years, student also can choose to finish their degrees at one of Arcadia's many centers around the world. Arcadia has one of the oldest and largest study-abroad programs in the country.

Another advantage of the program is that Arcadia professors will have the opportunity to spend a semester teaching in India, Christensen said.

The program will start in the spring. - Kathy Boccella