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The Victims

Seven dead, one seriously injured and three orphaned in Bradley Stone killings.


Nicole Stone, 33. Ex-wife of Bradley Stone. Shot at least twice in the head in the Harleysville apartment she shared with their two young daughters.

Joanne T. Gilbert, 57. Nicole Stone's mother. Throat slashed, possibly also shot, in her Lansdale home.

Patricia Hill, 75. Gilbert's mother, Nicole Stone's grandmother. Shot in the face, defensive cutting wounds on her arms, in the home she shared with Gilbert.

Patricia Flick, 36, sister of Nicole

Stone. Shot at least once in the head, slicing injuries on her legs, in her Souderton home.

Aaron Flick, 39. Patricia Flick's husband. "Significant" injuries unspecified in affidavit.

Nina Flick, 14. Daughter of Patricia and Aaron Flick. Massive blunt-force and cutting injuries to her face and skull.

Bradley W. Stone, 35. Ex-husband of Nicole Stone. Found dead in the woods outside his Pennsburg home. Believed to have taken his own life, but the cause of death has not been determined. Prosecutors said he had a gash in his leg and was found with medication bottles, an ax, and machete nearby.


Anthony Flick, 17. Patricia and Aaron Flick's son. Found with a gaping head wound, severed fingers. Prosecutors believe he was injured trying to defend his sister. Was in stable condition last week at a hospital in Philadelphia.

Shannon Stone, 8, and Kayla Stone, 5. Daughters of Nicole and Bradley Stone. In protective custody.

Jennifer Ovdiyenko Stone, 37. Wife of Bradley Stone. They also have a baby together.

SOURCE: Montgomery County District Attorney's OfficeEndText