Most state employees can thank the calendar and the governor for a last-minute holiday gift: No work Friday.

The governor's Office of Administration announced Monday that nonessential employees under the governor's auspices would not have to work the day after Christmas.

"The 26th is not generally a day that we close, but given that it falls on a Friday this year makes it a unique situation," said Dan Egan, an administration spokesman. "From an operational standpoint, it just made sense to close."

Federal offices and 12 other states' offices will be closed, courts are closed, the Post Office is closed, and many state office workers planned to take that day off anyway, Egan said.

Closing the offices will save the state some money on heating and electricity, he said, particularly "after a day like Thursday, where things were closed down and cooled down."

A similar scenario happens every year on the day after Thanksgiving, but the state had already scheduled that as a day off.

The announcement does not apply to state troopers, prison guards, or other health and public safety employees whose work is deemed essential.

Most local government offices in Philadelphia and the four suburban counties will be open Friday.