Artist needs help with collecting 10,000 bottles

NEWTOWN Environmental artist Bryant Holsenbeck is scheduled to take a residency position at Bucks County Community College from Feb. 2 to 6, and the college's Department of the Arts hopes to collect 10,000 clean, empty, plastic water bottles by Jan. 15 that are needed for her project.

Holsenbeck specializes in large-scale artworks that reflect society's waste stream, and her project at BCCC is to be a 20-foot "waterfall" made of plastic bottles. It is set to be displayed in February at the Hicks Art Center Gallery on the college's main campus.

"We're inviting our community to participate in this opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of recycling and its impact on our environment," said Fran Orlando, director of exhibitions and artmobile at Bucks. "Individuals, families, students, scout groups, and other organizations are all welcome to take part."

Holsenbeck said she needs 10,000 clean, empty bottles with labels and caps. Orlando said signs, bins, and clear plastic bags would be provided for groups collecting bottles. Anyone interested in helping can e-mail Orlando at fran.orlando@bucks.edu or 215-968-8432.

Collection bins are already set up on the college's three campuses, and empty water bottles can be dropped off at the main campus, 275 Swamp Rd., Newtown; the Lower Bucks Campus, 1304 Veterans Highway, Bristol; or the Upper Bucks Campus, 1 Hillendale Rd., Perkasie.

Volunteers, including school-age children, are also needed to help install the project, which will remain up through March 13.

- Inquirer staff