PLYMOUTH TWP. Montgomery County's massive Ridge Pike improvement project got even larger Thursday as the commissioners approved an additional phase to redesign the portion from Regal Plaza to Chemical Road.

This is the half-mile stretch of Ridge Pike that crosses the Blue Route. Replacing that bridge, and improving the on- and off-ramps, will be a key part of the plan.

Engineers will also get rid of the jughandle, which makes drivers who want to turn left on Alan Wood Road have to turn right and loop around.

"It can be confusing for drivers when they're trying to turn down toward Ikea or Home Depot," said Matthew Edmond, who is leading the project for the county following the retirement of the planning director, Leo Bagley.

Plymouth Township will pay for the design and part of the construction for this portion of the project.

Commissioner Josh Shapiro said the value of the jughandle land, which the county owns, should increase after the improvements.

"That puts the county in a position, perhaps, to recover some of the funds they invested," he said. - Jessica Parks