Burundian ambassador to visit school after offer of help

DOWNINGTOWN After he learned that Burundi was one of the world's poorest nations, 11-year-old Peter Jung e-mailed the African nation's government with an offer of help.

As a result of his gesture, Ernest Ndabashinze, the Burundian ambassador to the United States, is expected to spend the day Friday at the Marsh Creek Sixth Grade Center in Downingtown.

His visit to the 1,100-pupil school will help launch the "One Student, One Pen," program in which students in the United States will build alliances with their Burundian peers.

"The thought is that in a world community, where distance isn't an impediment because of communication, we can broaden our students' world outlook," said principal Thomas Mulvey.

According to the World Health Organization, Burundi is among the world's most impoverished countries and its children are among the hungriest. - Kathy Boccella