Law enforcement officials honored

WEST CHESTER The Chester County district attorney and West Chester's police chief were recognized Saturday at a meeting of the Police Chiefs Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Thomas P. Hogan, the county's district attorney, was named the law enforcement person of the year. The association recognized him for his handling of crimes such as high-profile murders, child abuse, and international drug offenses, and for programs that address gang violence, illicit and prescription drug abuse, and active shooter situations.

"This award reflects the outstanding teamwork of law enforcement in Chester County and across Southeastern Pennsylvania," Hogan said in a statement.

Scott L. Bohn, West Chester's police chief, was sworn in as the president of the regional association. Bohn served as a former head of the Chester County Chiefs of Police Association and is one of the vice presidents of the Pennsylvania Chiefs Association.

"We are committed to our core values of integrity, professionalism, leadership, and courage," Bohn said in a statement. - Michaelle Bond