Sellersville Marine to get Silver Star

Hospital Corpsman First Class Kevin Baskin, 27, of Sellersville, is scheduled to receive the military's third-highest combat award - the Silver Star - on Friday for risking his life to treat Marines under enemy fire in Afghanistan, the Marines said.

Baskin was in Herat province in April 2013 when he and other soldiers came under enemy fire, the Marines said.

When a Marine fell wounded, Baskin "ran into the kill zone with total disregard for his personal safety to provide desperately needed aid," according to his medal citation.

He successfully stabilized the Marine and loaded him onto an evacuation vehicle. As enemy fire continued, Baskin was wounded in the back, according to his citation. Despite his wound, he kept treating casualties.

He then directed the evacuation of the combat casualties out of the kill zone.

"His actions ultimately saved the lives of four of his teammates, and his courage and quick thinking prevented further loss of life," Baskin's citation reads.

The engagement also earned Baskin his second Purple Heart. On a previous deployment to Afghanistan, Baskin was injured by fragmentation from a rocket-propelled grenade. He now serves as a company medical chief. - Inquirer staff