Chester County authorities Monday continued to investigate how needles got into candy bars handed out in Kennett Square Halloween night, but said they had received no other reports of tainted treats.

A Kennett Square family reported that its 11-year-old daughter had found needles in four Twix bars. After that, another child from the borough said he found a needle in a Snickers bar.

On Monday, county investigators interviewed for a second time the mother and daughter of the family who received the Twix bars, according to District Attorney Thomas Hogan. A second interview was also planned with the boy who reported the tainted Snickers, he said.

The prosecutor declined to elaborate on the investigation, but said there had been no other incidents involving tampered candy. He said authorities hoped to know more later this week.

Reports of tainted candy were being probed by police across the region.

In Gloucester Township, N.J., a similar report turned out to be a hoax, police said.