"My first worst day on the job was Saturday, May 3, 2008, when Sgt. Stephen Liczbinski was killed. And you know I've had at least 11 other, 13 other really bad days in that regard. We lost eight police officers and four firefighters and a PGW worker and a fleet-management guy, all killed at work.

"I'd have to say one of the best days was certainly greeting Pope Francis at Philadelphia International Airport. Seeing him standing at the top of the stairway, and then down on the ground.

"But, you know, I mean, I was pretty excited when we got an A rating from all three rating agencies, too, but I mean that doesn't really kind of compare to that. Knowing that more and more kids are graduating from high school is a big thing. Ten thousand summer jobs this past summer. I was pretty excited about that as well. So, I mean . . . the great moments again far outweigh the bad ones. But the bad ones were really bad."

- Tricia L. NadolnyEndText