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Sen. Barack Obama
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Imus to sue CBS for contract money

NEW YORK - Radio host Don Imus will sue CBS Radio for the huge portion of his $40 million contract that was left unpaid after he was fired for racist and sexist comments, his attorney said yesterday.

Martin Garbus, a First Amendment attorney, said he planned to file the breach-of-contract lawsuit by the end of next week.

Imus, 66, was barely three months into the five-year deal with CBS when he was dismissed April 12 after making the comments about the Rutgers women's basketball team on his syndicated radio program. CBS Radio, in a statement, said it would vigorously contest Imus' claim. - AP

Pet-food probe eyes other products

WASHINGTON - Inspectors are checking food makers who use protein concentrates to make sure that none of the contaminated products found in pet food have reached other products, the Food and Drug Administration said yesterday.

The announcement came as Menu Foods further expanded its recall because of possible cross-contamination between melamine-tainted products and other pet foods made in the same period.

Meanwhile, the general manager of a Chinese company accused of selling contaminated wheat gluten to U.S. pet-food suppliers has been detained by Chinese authorities, according to officials in Shanghai. The head of the Xuzhou Anying Biologic Technology Development Co. was being held in coastal Jiangsu province, but a police spokesman declined to say on what charges.- Inquirer Wire Services

Ala. opens inquiry into 1965 shooting

MONTGOMERY, Ala. - A fatal shooting by a state trooper that helped inspire the voting-rights march from Selma in 1965 and the "Bloody Sunday" protest that preceded it will get a fresh look next week by a special grand jury.

Former State Trooper James Bonard Fowler has long insisted he shot black Vietnam veteran Jimmie Lee Jackson in self-defense when Jackson grabbed Fowler's pistol during a melee in a Marion, Ala., cafe. "The question is whether this was a murder or it was something else," said District Attorney Michael Jackson, who is not related to the victim.

He said he reopened the case at the request of constituents who felt the full story had never been told. He will convene a grand jury Wednesday and expects an indictment. - AP


Florida took a step toward shaking up the presidential primaries, giving final legislative approval yesterday to moving its 2008 primary from early March to Jan. 29 and bypassing a dozen other states set for Feb. 5.

The Secret Service said yesterday that Sen. Barack Obama (D., Ill.) was being placed under its protection, the earliest ever for a presidential candidate.

The FBI will open a civil rights inquiry into the Los Angeles Police Department's actions Tuesday at an immigration rally where officers cleared a park by wielding batons and firing rubber bullets, the FBI said.