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Rhino poop sale, a holiday alternative

Buying 'endangered feces' to help species.

YULEE, Fla. - Stumped about what to give that special someone this Christmas? Consider rhino poop.

The International Rhino Foundation is auctioning on eBay four pieces of dung from the endangered species and will use the proceeds to fund conservation efforts.

The dung comes from four of the five types of rhinoceros: white, black, Indian and Sumatran. The Javan rhino is so rare that a sample could not be collected.

Each piece is dried, mounted in a clear trophy case and marked with the type of rhino that produced it.

Action was light as of last night, with top bids ranging from $630 to $743 for each piece of poop.

The auction ends tomorrow (


; search for "rhino poop").

About 17,500 rhinos remain in the wild, and 1,200 are living in captivity, according to the International Rhino Fund (


). Its slogan for the auction: "Buy endangered feces to save an endangered species!"