In the Top 100 Business and Economic Outlook published Monday, the reference to an online video of Mike George of

QVC Inc.

is incorrect. The video interview was scheduled to take place after the section was printed, but George later became unavailable.

In the Top 100,

Independence Blue Cross

was omitted from the list of 100 biggest nongovernmental employers, because of a miscommunication from the company. It had 8,934 employees in the region as of October, which ranks it No. 18 and pushes down the rankings of others below it.

In the Top 100,

Internet Capital Group Inc.

was erroneously omitted from the list of 100 local companies with best stock-and-dividend return since 2004. Its 86 percent return ranks it No. 24 and pushes down the rankings of others below it.

In the Top 100, a story on Philadelphia's flourishing service firms did not identify

Unisys Corp.

's main business. It provides computer services and servers.

In the Top 100, a profile of Beverly Lybrand misstated her title and one family detail. Lybrand is senior vice president at

Merck & Co. Inc.

and general manager for adolescent and adult vaccines at Merck Vaccines and Infectious Diseases. She is one of six siblings.

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