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Wilder won't run for mayor again

RICHMOND, Va. - L. Douglas Wilder, who earned a place in history as the nation's first elected black governor, announced yesterday that he would not seek reelection as Richmond's mayor, likely bringing his storied political career to a close.

Wilder, 77, announced his plans to retire in a meeting with Richmond city department directors, then issued a news release. His decision to leave office does not come as a surprise because of his sinking popularity, and he had not mobilized a reelection campaign.

The grandson of slaves was elected governor of Virginia in 1989. He won a term as mayor of Richmond in 2004 with 80 percent of the vote. But his approval has plunged amid poor relations with the City Council and school board.

- AP

Lawsuit says raid violated rights

DES MOINES, Iowa - The nation's largest single immigration raid, resulting in nearly 400 arrests this week, violated the constitutional rights of workers at a meatpacking plant, a federal lawsuit says.

The suit accuses the government of arbitrary and indefinite detention. It seeks to prevent the government from moving the arrested workers out-of-state as their cases wend through the system. A spokesman for the U.S. Attorney's Office said he could not comment on the suit filed Thursday on behalf of the workers rounded up Monday at an Agriprocessors Inc. meat-processing plant.

The suit alleges Agriprocessors obtained false identification for immigrant workers, improperly withheld money from employees' paychecks for "immigration fees," and did not allow workers to use the restroom during 10-hour shifts.

- AP

Thieves target traveling jewelers

HOUSTON - Brazen jewel thieves are robbing traveling dealers around Houston in a spree of heists that has jewelers on edge.

Police say the fourth holdup in three weeks occurred Thursday when three masked men walked into a restaurant, pistol-whipped a dealer in a corner booth and made off with $1.4 million in diamonds. Since April 28, three other dealers have been robbed while sitting in cars or stopped for fuel.

Authorities say they believe the robbers are part of a South American ring that has operated in United States for at least 20 years. FBI agents say they are doing everything they can to track down the robbers, but they admit the task is daunting.

- AP


Arkansas police

say DNA found on a half-eaten candy bar helped them zero in on a robbery suspect in Jonesboro. Brian D. Bass' DNA matched the sample found on the bar left on the counter at Cato Animal Hospital during a January robbery.

A California fisherman

who admitted stabbing a sea lion that apparently took bait from his fishing line was sentenced to three years of probation. Hai Nguyen, of Garden Grove, was ordered to perform 200 hours of community service.