A story yesterday incorrectly reported that the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority had used ineligible bond money to acquire properties in the city. The city suspended the property acquisition program before any ineligible bond money was spent.

An article yesterday about foreclosures and delinquency rates erred in reporting the number of properties on which payments were delinquent. In the first quarter of 2008, of the nation's 45.2 million mortgages, 2.87 million, or 6.35 percent, were at least one payment behind. A year ago, when there were 43.9 million loans, the comparable number was 2.12 million loans, or 4.84 percent.

A graphic published May 18 about state lawmakers from the Philadelphia region who drive non-hybrid SUVs reported that Sen. Charles McIlhinney (R., Bucks) was driving a 2005 Jeep Cherokee from the state-subsidized fleet program. The information was based on details provided by the Senate Chief Clerk's Office. In April, McIlhinney traded in the Cherokee for a 2008 Mercury Mariner hybrid SUV.

In a photo caption on Thursday with a story about the Corinthian Yacht Club, Dr. Kaighn Smith's name was misspelled.