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Renewed clashes erupt in Athens

ATHENS, Greece - Scores of youths attacked a police station, stores and banks yesterday, as candlelight vigils were being held to mark a week since the police killing of a 15-year-old boy that triggered massive riots across Greece.

Dozens of youths on foot and on motorcycles attacked a police station in central Athens, at least three banks, several stores and a government building, authorities said.

The latest violence occurred as hundreds of school children holding candles gathered peacefully outside parliament and at the site where teenager Alexandros Grigoropoulos was shot.

- AP

Pacific rower falls short of goal

SYDNEY, Australia - An Italian adventurer who spent 10 months rowing more than 9,500 nautical miles across the Pacific has been rescued a mere 65 nautical miles short of his goal - Australia - after rough weather sapped him of his final shreds of energy.

Alex Bellini, who began his voyage off Peru in February, contacted his wife Friday to say he was too exhausted to row his 25-foot boat any further, despite being nearly in sight of the eastern Australian town of Laurieton. A tugboat brought him to shore yesterday.

Bellini used a satellite phone to keep in contact with those on land and survived on dried food and desalinated ocean water. He also used a small cooker to fry fish and to boil water for pasta. He found himself craving sweet foods - especially tiramisu and apple cake - and was looking forward to gorging on desserts.

- AP

Cholera from West, Zimbabwe says

HARARE, Zimbabwe - Zimbabwe yesterday accused the West of waging biological warfare to deliberately start a cholera epidemic that has killed hundreds of people and sickened thousands.

The claims in state media came the same day the government issued an official announcement detailing the constitutional amendment creating the post of prime minister. The announcement also set out other changes necessary to go forward with a power-sharing agreement that has been stalled since September.

Yesterday's unilateral step by President Robert Mugabe's government could further raise political tensions in the battered southern African country.

- AP


British Prime Minister

Gordon Brown said yesterday during a visit to Afghanistan that his nation could send extra troops to the country under a U.S.-led military surge aimed at stemming terrorism and supporting upcoming Afghan elections.

Cuban President

Raul Castro launched his first international trip yesterday, visiting with longtime ally Venezuela before heading to a regional integration summit in Brazil.

About 100 demonstrators

who were formerly jailed as members of the violent Basque group ETA protested in northern Spain yesterday, calling on the government to begin talks to end the region's long-running separatist conflict.