MUMBAI, India - A judge yesterday ordered the lone surviving gunman from the Mumbai attacks to remain in police custody for two more weeks, as police press ahead with their probe into last month's siege.

For the second time, police refused to bring Mohammed Ajmal Kasab to court, citing security concerns. The hearing was held at the crime branch office of the Mumbai police where Kasab is held, said Eknath Dhamal, the public prosecutor.

Kasab, who reportedly has said he is a Pakistani national, is being held on 12 offenses, including murder and waging war against India, but has not been formally charged. Nine other gunmen were killed during the Nov. 26-29 assault that targeted two luxury hotels, a restaurant, a Jewish center, and other sites and left 164 people dead.

Journalists were barred from yesterday's proceedings. Dhamal said the judge ordered Kasab held till Jan. 6.

Kasab had no lawyer at the hearing. The Mumbai lawyers association has asked that members refuse to represent the suspect.

India says Kasab has sent a letter to the Pakistan High Commission asking that it give him legal aid, but Pakistan has not acknowledged that he is a citizen. On Tuesday, Pakistani Interior Ministry chief Rehman Malik said Pakistan had no record of Kasab.

Questions surrounding the attackers' nationalities have strained relations between India and Pakistan. India blames the Pakistan-based militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba for the attacks and has demanded that Islamabad crack down; Pakistan says India has not provided proof of Pakistani involvement.