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Unabomber items going up for sale

ATLANTA - Want to own a terrorist's hoodie? Now's your chance. The infamous sweatshirt, sprawling manifesto, and dozens of other items that belonged to mail bomber Ted Kaczynski are for sale in an online auction that begins Wednesday.

The federal government is selling the Unabomber's stuff to raise money for his victims. Kaczynski placed or mailed 16 bombs, killing three and injuring 22. He pleaded guilty in 1996 and is serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

A federal judge ordered the sale last August. The U.S. Marshals Service had custody of the items, but it asked the General Services Administration to sell them. The auction will occur on the GSA's website - - and run until June 2. People can get an early peek at the items at - Cox Newspapers

Amtrak: Step up security patrols

WASHINGTON - Amtrak President Joseph Boardman said Tuesday that he wanted to step up security patrols of the passenger rail network and explore new technologies that can provide advance warning of track tampering, after revelations that al-Qaeda considered attacking U.S. trains.

Boardman told the Senate Appropriations Committee that Amtrak had expanded its use of explosive-sniffing dogs and was in close contact with U.S. and international security agencies.

Promising ultrasonic and laser technologies may enable detection of track problems far ahead of trains, he said, but more patrols of tracks are needed to identify specific points of vulnerability. - AP

Haitians in U.S. get status reprieve

MIAMI - The U.S. government is granting Haitian immigrants who fled their poor nation after last year's devastating earthquake more time to live and work legally in the United States while Haiti rebuilds.

Haitian immigrants with temporary protected status, which was set to expire in July, can apply to extend the residency and employment benefits for 18 more months, until January 2013, authorities said Tuesday.

Originally, only Haitians living illegally in the United States before the Jan. 12, 2010, quake were eligible for the protected status. Now, Haitians who arrived up to one year after the quake and lived here continuously ever since are also eligible. Many of those Haitians were medically evacuated after the quake. - AP


Army prosecutors filed charges against a sixth Washington state-based soldier, Staff Sgt. David Bram, in a plot to murder Afghan civilians for sport during patrols in Kandahar province last year.

The Navy's plan to name a cargo ship after the late farmworker activist Cesar Chavez drew sharp criticism Tuesday from Rep. Duncan Hunter (R., Calif.) that the decision was unfair to military war heroes. Navy Secretary Ray Mabus is expected to announce the decision Wednesday when he visits General Dynamic NASSCO, where the ship is being built, in San Diego's mostly Hispanic Barrio Logan neighborhood.