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Allende remains are exhumed

SANTIAGO, Chile - Nearly four decades after a bloody coup overthrew Chilean President Salvador Allende, the remains of the socialist leader were exhumed Monday to try to determine whether he was killed or committed suicide.

The flag-draped coffin of Allende, who died during an attack on the presidential palace Sept. 11, 1973, by the military, was removed from Santiago's Central Cemetery and taken to a forensic medicine facility.

The procedure was approved by a judge to clear up controversy over whether Allende killed himself, was felled by a bullet shot from outside the palace, given a coup de grace by an associate after a failed suicide attempt, or was executed by soldiers.

The Allende family believes the president killed himself as the coup leader, Gen. Augusto Pinochet, stormed the palace, and Allende had vowed not to be taken alive.

- AP

Female Saudi driver rearrested

CAIRO - Saudi Arabian authorities have rearrested an activist who defied a ban on female drivers in the conservative kingdom, a security official said Monday.

Manual al-Sherif, 32, was accused of "violating public order" and ordered held for five days while the case is investigated. Sherif was initially detained for several hours.

Sherif launched a campaign against the longtime ban last week by posting a video clip on the Internet of herself behind the wheel in the eastern city of Khobar. Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world to ban women from driving.

She now faces accusations of "violating the rules and the system by driving her car, roaming the streets of the province," security officials said.

- AP

Jamaica flights delayed by strike

KINGSTON, Jamaica - Dozens of flights to and from Jamaica were delayed Monday, and at least four flights were canceled or diverted, as a strike by air traffic controllers stretched into a second day.

Mark Williams, an official with the Airports Authority of Jamaica, said the walkout left hundreds of disgruntled passengers waiting in airport lobbies. "All flights in and out have been delayed by a couple of hours," Williams said.

Jamaica's civil aviation authority called in managers to supervise flights after traffic controllers abandoned their posts Sunday.

The controllers are demanding retroactive pay raises and inclusion in the government's negotiations over public-sector wages.

- AP


Police in northern Mexico detained a corrections officer and four inmates in the investigation of a prison fire that killed 14 inmates last week near Monterrey. Officials initially said the blaze at may have been caused by a short circuit. But on Sunday they ruled it arson.

The tombs of seven men, including several who served King Tutankhamen and his father, the pharaoh Akhenaten, were opened to tourists after restoration in the New Kingdom Cemetery in Egypt. The area served as the necropolis for the ancient Egyptian capital at Memphis.