JOHANNESBURG, South Africa - Albertina Sisulu lamented what apartheid did to her family, but lived to see her children become leaders in South Africa.

The veteran of the anti-apartheid movement died yesterday at the age of 92.

Her husband, Walter Sisulu, who died in 2003, spent 25 years in custody on Robben Island alongside Nelson Mandela, whom he had brought into the African national Congress, now South Africa's governing party. Mandela was the best man when Walter and Albertina married in 1944.

Albertina said she got used to prison but "when my children went to jail, I felt that the [oppressors] were breaking me at the knees."

Today, daughter Lindiwe Sisulu is defense minister. Son Max Sisulu is speaker of the National Assembly. Daughter Beryl Sisulu is ambassador to Norway.