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Searches, Subpoenas, and Charges

Here are key dates in a federal investigation involving contractor Donald J. Dougherty Jr. and labor leader John J. Dougherty. No charges were filed against John Dougherty.

January 2006: Federal agents search the South Philadelphia home of John J. Dougherty's childhood friend, Donald J. "Gus" Dougherty Jr. Donald Dougherty is not related

to John Dougherty.

February 2006: Federal authorities subpoena records from the Redevelopment Authority. John Dougherty was chairman of the authority.

March 2006: Federal authorities subpoena records from the Pennsport Civic Association. John Dougherty was its president.

November 2006: Federal agents execute a search warrant at John Dougherty's South Philadelphia home.

June 2007: Donald Dougherty is charged with stealing from a union benefits plan and bribing a bank executive. He is also charged with providing free work at John Dougherty's home.

April 2008: Donald Dougherty pleads guilty to federal charges that he paid himself and employees in cash to avoid paying $2.6 million in taxes and about $1 million in required contributions to the union's employee benefits plan. He also pleads guilty to bribing the bank executive.

May 2008: Donald Dougherty pleads guilty to illegally providing renovations on the home of John Dougherty. Frank Keel,

a spokesman for John Dougherty, said the union leader knew nothing of Donald Dougherty's intent to provide discounted work.

December 2008: Donald Dougherty is sentenced to two years in prison.