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WASHINGTON - White people will no longer make up a majority of Americans by 2043, according to new census projections.


White people will no longer make up a majority of Americans by 2043, according to new census projections.

America continues to grow and become more diverse due to higher birthrates among minorities, particularly for Hispanics who entered the U.S. at the height of the immigration boom in the 1990s and early 2000s. Since the mid-2000 housing bust, however, the arrival of millions of immigrants from Mexico and other nations has slowed from its once-torrid pace.

The country's changing demographic mosaic has stark political implications, shown clearly in last month's election that gave President Obama a second term - in no small part due to his support from 78 percent of nonwhite voters.

Mall shooter used stolen rifle

PORTLAND, ORE. - The gunman who killed two people and himself in a shooting rampage at an Oregon mall was 22 years old and used a stolen rifle from someone he knew, authorities said Wednesday.

Jacob Tyler Roberts had armed himself with an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle and had several fully loaded magazines when he arrived at a Portland mall on Tuesday, said Clackamas County Sheriff Craig Roberts.

The sheriff said that the rifle jammed during the attack, but the killer managed to get it working again. He later shot himself. Authorities don't yet know his motive but don't believe he was targeting specific people.

Fed keeps it down

WASHINGTON - The Federal Reserve sent its clearest signal to date Wednesday that it will keep interest rates super-low to support the U.S. economy even after the job market has improved significantly.

The Fed said that it plans to keep its key short-term rate near zero until the unemployment rate reaches 6.5 percent or less - as long as expected inflation remains tame. Unemployment is now 7.7 percent.

In brief:

SACRAMENTO, CALIF. - California Gov. Jerry Brown is being treated with radiation for early-stage prostate cancer, his office announced Wednesday.

NEW YORK - Police revealed Wednesday that they had found a getaway car used in an execution-style daylight slaying of a Los Angeles man on a busy New York street - a possible break in a case that has defied easy answers. No motive or suspects have been identified in the shooting of Brandon Lincoln Woodard, killed Monday afternoon after he checked out of a hotel on nearby Columbus Circle and possibly was lured into an ambush a few blocks away.

NEW YORK - TV viewing could soon sound a little calmer. The CALM Act, which limits the volume of TV commercials, takes effect Thursday.

NEW YORK - The Dow Jones industrial average closed down 2.99 points at 13,245.45. The S&P finished 0.64 points higher at 1,428.48. The Nasdaq composite was down 8.49 points at 3,013.81.

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