N'DJAMENA, Chad - Four officials have been arrested in connection with a foiled attempt to overthrow the government in the central African nation of Chad, the country's state prosecutor announced Thursday.

The government has given few details of the alleged plot, saying only that the men were accused of planning the coup for four months. The prosecutor claimed they were found with incriminating documents outlining their plans.

President Idriss Deby, who has been in power since 1990, has faced numerous armed rebellions and countless attempted coups during his 23-year rule, including some believed to have been led by members of his extended family.

Prosecutor Mahamat Saleh Younous told reporters that Gen. Weiding Assi Assoue, who served as a provincial governor for several terms; Gen. David Gomine, the head of the military tribunal; and two lawmakers - Mahamat Kadre and former Health Minister Saleh Makki - have been in custody since Wednesday.

"Because they were trying to destabilize the constitutional order and the security of the state, they were immediately handed over to us," Younous added. "The investigation is under way."