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Judge: Obama uncle can remain in U.S.

President Obama's Kenya- born uncle, who ignored a deportation order more than two decades ago, was granted permission to stay in the United States on Tuesday.

Judge Leonard Shapiro made the decision after Onyango Obama, 69, testified that he had lived in this country for 50 years, been a hard worker, paid income tax, and been arrested only once.

Asked about his family in this country, he said: "I do have a nephew." Asked to name him, he said: "Barack Obama. He's the president of the United States."

Onyango Obama has lived in the United States since the 1960s. He was ordered to leave the country in 1992 but remained. Shapiro cited a law that entitles immigrants who are "out of status" to become permanent residents if they arrived here before 1972, maintained continuous residence, and are of good moral character. - AP


Plastic-gun ban OKd

With 3-D printers increasingly able to produced plastic weapons, the House voted Tuesday to renew a 25-year-old prohibition against firearms that can evade metal detectors and X-ray machines. On a voice vote, the House passed a bill

to renew the Undetectable Firearms Act for another decade. The Senate could vote on the bill Monday when it returns from a two-week Thanksgiving recess. The law is due to expire the following day. - AP


Crash kills HGTV host

A cohost of the HGTV show "Curb Appeal" died Monday in a motorcycle accident in San Francisco. Bill Beckwith, 38, was riding a motorcycle near the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood when he was struck by a car. The car's driver was cooperating with officers. Beckwith was one of three hosts of "Curb Appeal," which features home renovations. - AP