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Slavery-reparations list grows longer

A Caribbean commission is expanding the number of former colonial powers it says should provide some form of reparations for the lingering regional impact of the Atlantic slave trade.

At a Tuesday news conference at the Jamaica campus of the University of the West Indies, the Caribbean Community Reparations Commission identified eight European nations that should work with regional governments to "address the living legacies of these crimes."

A British law firm hired by Caribbean governments seeking reparations initially targeted Britain, France, and the Netherlands. But the Caribbean Community Reparations panel, which is acting as an advisory group for regional governments, added the names of Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.
- AP


Abuse cases lagging

Only 12 of the hundreds of staff members accused of child abuse in Ireland's Christian Brothers order since the mid-1970s have been convicted, the watchdog of the country's Catholic Church said Tuesday. The report from the National Board for Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church looked into how the Christian Brothers, a Catholic order set up to run schools, handled abuse allegations. - AP


They're going to pot

Uruguay's Senate gave final congressional approval Tuesday to create the world's first national marketplace for legal marijuana, an audacious experiment that will have the government oversee production, sales, and consumption of a drug illegal almost everywhere else. The plan now awaits the signature of President Jose Mujica, who wants the market to begin operating next year.

- AP