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U.N. experts confirm use of chemical arms

U.N. inspectors said Thursday that chemical weapons have been used in the Syrian conflict, definitely in a widely publicized Aug. 21 attack near Damascus and probably in four other locations between March and late August.

The report by U.N. chemical weapons experts, led by Swedish professor Ake Sellstrom, examined seven alleged chemical weapons attacks and said it lacked information to corroborate the allegations at two locations. The inspectors' limited mandate barred them from identifying whether the government or opposition fighters were responsible for any of the attacks.

The process of getting Syrian chemicals that can be used to make weapons out of the country is currently underway.

- AP


Blast at camp gates

A bombing outside a camp for security forces in Suez Canal city killed at least one person and wounded more than a dozen others Thursday, Egypt's official news agency said. MENA said the explosives were planted in the ground outside the gate of a Central Security Forces camp at the entrance to Ismailia. It said the person killed was a member of the CSF, and that 18 people were wounded, including six civilians. - AP


Peace pact signed

Congo and the so-called M23 rebels signed a peace agreement Thursday that will see the insurgent group demobilize its fighters and transform itself into a political party. The agreements also foresee that members of the M23 insurgency will be granted an amnesty for acts of war. The agreements also allow for the return of refugees.

- AP