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Veteran accused of stealing IDs

A Minnesota National Guard member and Iraq war veteran is facing federal charges for allegedly stealing the names, Social Security numbers, and security clearance levels of about 400 members of his former Army unit to create fake IDs for his militia.

A complaint and affidavit obtained by the Associated Press alleges Keith Michael Novak, 25, threatened to use violence if authorities came to arrest him. Novak was an active-duty soldier and intelligence analyst with the 82d Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, N.C., from Feb. 26, 2009, to Sept. 3, 2012, and served in Iraq in 2010. In late January, he went to a Utah training camp and met two undercover FBI employees who posed as members of a militia. Novak told them he took classified materials from Fort Bragg and would share them, the affidavit said. - AP