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Missile deployment worries neighbors

Lithuania and Poland expressed concern on Monday about signals that Russia has deployed state-of-the-art missiles in a territory that borders the NATO countries.

The U.S. State Department also said that it has urged Russia to avoid taking any steps that could destabilize the region.

Russia's Defense Ministry gave an oblique response Monday to a report in the German daily Bild claiming that Russia has sent the Iskander short-range missiles to its westernmost Kaliningrad exclave on the Baltic Sea. The ministry said the missiles had been positioned in an unspecified location in western Russia, and argued that the deployment doesn't contradict any international treaties.

The daily Izvestia, which reportedly has close links to Russian security, said the missiles had been deployed more than a year ago. - AP

Coup plot reported

The center of Brazzaville, Republic of Congo's capital, was on lockdown Monday after security forces surrounded the home of a high-ranking officer who had been accused of plotting a coup. By evening, Col. Marcel Ntsourou - once considered a close ally of the country's president - was in the custody of the security forces and was to be taken to a tribunal to face charges on Tuesday, said Col. Jules Mounkala Tchoumou, spokesman for the Congolese police.

- AP

Students fight police

Egyptian security forces fought pitched street battles with dozens of university students outside their Cairo campus Monday, firing tear gas to disperse rock-throwing protesters and prevent their rally from reaching the nearby defense ministry. Security officials said 25 students were arrested for blocking traffic. - AP