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Canonization stirs memories

The canonization of Pope John Paul II is drawing special attention in Latin America, reviving warm memories of his frequent visits and debate over his handling of sex-abuse scandals. Pope John XXIII will also be canonized Sunday. But it is John Paul who is getting the buzz in Latin America.

He visited on 18 of his 104 international trips. "He was 'the' pope because he was always with the poor, and showed his simplicity and his love for his people," said Ana Maria Sanchez, a homemaker.

Jose Barba, a victim of abuse in the Legion of Christ order, said, "I am not opposed to the canonization if it can truly and decisively be proven that the pope didn't know. I am convinced . . . the pope did know."

The broadcast of the double canonization will be shown in movie theaters in Mexico and other countries. - AP