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Knife-wielding men injure six at station

Men with knives slashed and injured at least six people at the main train station in Guangzhou on Tuesday, the third such attack in a Chinese station since March.

Police said that six passengers were injured and that one of the four assailants was shot and killed by police.

Witnesses described the attackers as being dressed in white and wearing white caps, often worn by Muslims, but it was unclear if they were Uighurs, the Muslim minority implicated in earlier attacks.

According to accounts in state media, the attack took place at 11:30 a.m. local time, with at least one attacker ambushing passengers who were emerging from a train from Kunming. The departure city was the location of a March 1 knifing attack in which 33 people were killed. Another attacker was at the information board and yet another at the exit to the main square. - L.A. Times


Move for elections

President Michel Martelly announced Tuesday he has appointed a new council to oversee Haitian legislative and local elections that are two years overdue, an important step to organizing a vote whose tardiness has frustrated many. In a posting on his Facebook page and in a separate e-mail, the leader said the newest member of the council is Frizto Canton, a high-profile lawyer who is defending former dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier against human-rights abuse and embezzlement charges. - AP

Ex-president sought

A judge in El Salvador has issued an arrest order for former President Francisco Flores. Judge Marta Rosales on Tuesday asked Interpol for help in arresting Flores, who officials believe has left El Salvador and could be in Panama. Flores, 53, was charged last week with embezzling $5.3 million while he was president from 1999 to 2004. - AP