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Obama pushes energy efficiency

Making the first-ever presidential stop at a Walmart on Friday, President Obama urged U.S. businesses to join his administration's efforts to improve energy efficiency - arguing that "there are cost-effective ways to tackle climate change and create jobs at the same time."

Speaking from the middle of a solar-powered big-box store in Mountain View, Calif., Obama announced a series of executive actions and partnerships with private companies to curb carbon emissions. He touted the corporate goal of doubling the number of solar projects at Walmart stores in the U.S. stores over the next six years.

Though Obama has faced opposition to his environmental agenda in Congress, he said he would continue to advance his initiatives through the power of his pen and by leaning on private companies for help. - L.A. Times

Climber killed

A Washington state climber has died descending Mount McKinley after falling down a hard-packed stretch that has claimed 11 other lives. The body of Sylvia Montag, 39, of Tacoma, was spotted Wednesday night by a helicopter crew after strong winds subsided and allowed flights. Montag had become separated from her climbing partner and may have died as early as Monday, the park service said. Montag and Mike Fuchs, 34, of Berlin, were posting audio and written accounts of their attempt to climb North America's highest peak. Montag, a doctor, was an experienced high-altitude climber. - AP

Charter-school bill

The House on Friday passed a bill boosting support for charter schools as part of a GOP-led push to promote school choice. The bill, passed 360 to 45, would provide $300 million annually to expand charter schools and consolidate two programs. It would provide state grants and help fund the acquisition of buildings. - AP