"I became a police officer

to help people and to protect those who can't protect themselves. It is never my intention to harm anyone, and I feel very bad about the death

of Mr. Garner. My family and I include him and his family in our prayers, and I hope that they will accept my personal condolences for their loss.

Officer Daniel Pantaleo

"I am actually astonished based on the evidence of the videotape, and the medical examiner, that this grand jury at this time wouldn't indict for anything.

Jonathan Moore, a lawyer for

Eric Garner's family

"It is incumbent about all of us as Americans, regardless of race, region, faith, that we recognize this as an American problem and not just a black problem or a brown problem or a Native American problem. This is an American problem.

President Obama

"This is a deeply emotional day - for the Garner family and all New Yorkers. ... Today's outcome is one that many in our city did not want. ... We all agree that demonstrations and free speech are valuable contributions to debate, and that violence and disorder are not only wrong - but hurt the critically important goals we are trying to achieve together.

Mayor Bill de Blasio EndText