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Two homeless men's

deaths appear linked

The same gun was used to kill two homeless men who were shot as they slept, wrapped in blankets on the streets of Atlanta, in separate slayings last month, according to Atlanta police.

Now police hope the bullets will lead them to the killer.

Law enforcement agencies nationwide have been alerted, but none has reported crimes that match the seemingly senseless and random Atlanta shootings, Detective David Quinn said Wednesday.

A type of .45-caliber bullet with an elongated shape - often called a "cowboy bullet" - was used each time, he said.

In the first killing, Dorian Jenkins was found dead in a blanket on a sidewalk Nov. 23. In the second, Tommy Mims was shot while curled up in a blanket late Nov. 25 or early Nov. 26.

Homeless advocates have been warning people to be on guard, and Quinn has been out on the streets on recent nights urging Atlanta's homeless to be extremely cautious "until we know what we're dealing with," he said. - AP


Multiple killings

Authorities are investigating after multiple people were found dead in a suburban Denver home. The bodies were found Wednesday morning in Adams County after a distraught woman called 911 to report a disturbance in the home. Cmdr. Terrance O'Neill says the Adams County Sheriff's Office won't release details about how many people were killed until it gets a warrant and can do a full search of the home.

- AP


Reunion after ordeal

The estranged son of a 67-year-old Hawaiian fisherman rescued after 12 days at sea says the ordeal is leading him to reunite with the father he hasn't spoken to since the 1990s. Ron Ingraham arrived Wednesday on Molokai, where he lives on his boat. He was found dehydrated and hungry Tuesday after going missing on Thanksgiving, when the Coast Guard picked up his mayday call saying his boat was in danger of sinking. Son Zakary Ingraham of Missouri is making arrangements to travel to Hawaii. - AP