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Giuliani links Obama,

Ferguson shootings

Former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani says President Obama is to blame for the police shootings in Ferguson, Mo., and other disturbing events because he sets the tone for the nation.

Giuliani spoke Thursday on WNYM-AM's The Answer with host John Gambling. Giuliani says Obama isn't addressing the "enormous amount of crime" being committed by blacks. The White House declined to comment Friday on Giuliani's remarks.

Giuliani drew criticism last month for questioning Obama's love of country. Thursday he said that he considered Obama a good family man. - AP


Intruder pleads guilty

The Army veteran from Texas accused of scaling a White House fence and making it all the way inside pleaded guilty Friday to two charges. Omar Gonzalez, 43, faced federal and municipal charges, including carrying a deadly weapon, for the Sept. 19 intrusion, which prompted a review of the Secret Service amid a series of controversies for the protection agency. His sentencing hearing is June 8. - AP
Too much shoveling

Copenhagen, N.Y., in central New York, has earned the honor as the snowiest spot in the U.S. Since Nov. 15, said a data collaborative, the hamlet has seen upward of 20 feet. - AP