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Arrest may be linked to Kennedy threats

Japanese police said they arrested a man Thursday accused of making bomb threats against the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo, and media reports said he was a possible suspect in recent death threats against Ambassador Caroline Kennedy.

Tokyo police arrested Mitsuyoshi Kamiya, a resident of the southern island of Okinawa, for making the bomb threats from a pay phone in downtown Okinawa, a police spokesman said. He said the suspect also threatened to bomb Camp Schwab, a U.S. military base on the island.

Kamiya admitted to police that he made the bomb threats, but his motive was not immediately known, the police spokesman said.

The public broadcaster NHK said police also suspect Kamiya made phone calls threatening to kill Kennedy and the U.S. consul general on Okinawa. - AP


General warns West

Libya's army chief, Gen. Khalifa Hifter, warned in an interview Thursday that Europe would face infiltration by Islamic State extremists from Libya if the West fails to support his forces with arms. Libya's elected government, which Hifter backs, was driven out of the capital last year. Hifter, once a top general of Moammar Gadhafi before turning against him, is a controversial figure, seen as both a potential force against ISIS and a dictator in

the making. - AP


E. Europe aid revived

British Prime Minister David Cameron has revived a Cold War- era program introduced by Margaret Thatcher to strengthen governance in eastern Europe and help countries stand up to Moscow. A $7.35 million fund being used to help build institutions in Ukraine will be extended with $22 million to support democracy in Moldova, Georgia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Serbia, officials say. - Bloomberg