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Woman charged over her children's bodies

A Detroit mother was arrested Tuesday after the frozen bodies of a boy and girl were found in a deep freezer in the family's home.

Court officers found the bodies while carrying out an eviction order. Autopsies are planned.

Police initially reported a woman's body was found in the freezer, but later said it was actually the bodies of the two children in a plastic bag.

The boy was about 11 and the girl was 14, said Police Chief James Craig, who called it a "terrible find."

The woman was not in the apartment when the court officers or police arrived. "One of the community members here ... approached our officers and advised that they knew where the parent was located," Craig said.

The children's mother was found in a nearby apartment and questioned, then charged later. Her name has not been released. - AP

Bomber training plan

A proposal to establish an enormous bomber training area over the northern Plains that advocates say will improve military training and save money got final approval Tuesday despite concerns about loud, low-flying aircraft

disrupting civilian flights and damaging rural economies. The Federal Aviation Administration approved a plan to expand the Powder River Training Complex over the Dakotas, Montana, and Wyoming. - AP

Marathon on Mars

NASA said the Opportunity rover has passed the marathon mark for driving on Mars. In an announcement in Pasadena, Calif., the space agency said Tuesday that the rover's odometer checked in at 26.2 miles - the distance of a marathon. The official time? Eleven years and two months. Scientists and engineers will celebrate Opportunity's achievement by holding their own marathon relay at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which manages the mission. - AP