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Cameron starts campaign with a dig

David Cameron set the tone of his Tory party's election campaign with an attack on Labor leader Ed Miliband and his "hopeless sneering socialists" alongside a pledge to deliver a seven-day-a-week National Health Service.

Speaking to activists in Manchester at his party's spring forum Saturday, Cameron attacked Miliband; Labor's home-affairs spokeswoman, Yvette Cooper; and her Treasury counterpart, Ed Balls. He also promised to offer daily access to specialist doctors in state-funded health care if the Conservatives win the May 7 vote. "Frankly, I don't think Ed Miliband has it," he said. "Some might say 'don't make this personal,' but when it comes to who's prime minister, the personal is national."

Cameron reiterated his party's message that a Labor government promises "a timetable for destruction" of Britain's economy. Labor, in turn, argues Tory policies only privilege the wealthiest. - Bloomberg