Last November, Hyong Yi's wife of 15 years, Catherine Zanga, died of ovarian cancer. As the anniversary of her death neared, he figured he could yield to the pain or do something about it. He chose to write. The result: 100 love notes that honor his wife, who was a prosecutor and police attorney.

On Friday, Yi, an assistant city manager in Charlotte, walked through uptown, handing out each note he said contained "the story of love and life we had." With him were his children, Alex, 7, and Anna, 10.

"My hope is that as we share these love notes with random people . . . that they'll take a moment to reflect on the love in their life," Yi said. Friday, the hashtag 100lovenotes was a trending topic on Twitter. Some who received notes shed tears. Some shared hugs. "We need more . . . unconditional love," said Annette Potts. - Charlotte Observer