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Jurors in Gray case inspect police van

Jurors in the trial for a police officer charged in the death of Freddie Gray got an up-close look Thursday at the police transport van where he broke his neck.

Jurors did not ask any questions about the van when they inspected it, and were not given any information about it during the viewing, Baltimore Circuit Judge Barry Williams said. Reporters and members of the public were not allowed to witness the jurors' viewing.

Prosecutors say Officer William Porter is partially responsible for Gray's death because he didn't buckle Gray in a seatbelt in the back of the van after his arrest in April and failed to call a medic despite Gray's repeated requests.

Jurors were also shown two phone videos of Gray's arrest April 12 and a subsequent stop of the police van. Both videos were shown during testimony by Brandon Ross, a friend of Gray's who was with him and shot the second video. - AP

Peru term ends

An American sentenced to 20 years in a Peru prison for conspiring with a leftist rebel group in the 1990s returned to New York on Thursday, smiling as she walked through the doors at Kennedy Airport. Lori Berenson, 46, has been living in Lima with her 6-year-old son since her 2010 parole because she was barred from leaving the country until her sentenced lapsed. Berenson was questioned by federal officials for hours at Kennedy, but the U.S. ambassador to Peru, Brian Nichols, told reporters she did not face charges in the U.S. - AP

Space trip delay

Wet, cloudy weather prevented NASA from resuming commercial space station deliveries Thursday. The agency was looking to get back on track with the first U.S. shipment to the International Space Station in nearly eight months. An unmanned Atlas rocket was to carry 7,400 pounds of critical supplies. The next opportunity is Friday, but the forecast isn't much better. - AP