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3 killed, 7 injured

in massive pileups

Three people were killed and at least seven others injured in separate chain-reaction collisions involving more than a dozen vehicles on an interstate in southwestern Arkansas, authorities said.

The Arkansas State Police said the first wreck happened about 11:45 p.m. Monday on Interstate 49 near the town of Fouke. A tractor-trailer driving south slowed down and was rear-ended, causing a chain-reaction crash involving 10 vehicles, state police said.

About the same time, three tractor-trailers collided in the northbound lanes - which are separated from the southbound lanes by a median.

Seven people were injured and taken to hospitals in Texarkana. Several others who suffered minor injuries declined hospital care, authorities said.

State police said troopers are investigating whether fog might have contributed to the crashes.

- AP

Bombers' gun

supplier sentenced

A man who lent a gun used by the Boston Marathon bombers to kill a police officer has been sentenced to the 17 months he has already served and apologized, saying his actions were "dumb."

Stephen Silva told a judge Tuesday in U.S. District Court that he was "young, dumb, and thought I could outsmart everyone." He had pleaded guilty to gun and drug charges.

Silva testified during the trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev that he let Tsarnaev borrow a Ruger 9mm handgun two months before the bombings. - AP


Bison can leave

Yellowstone Park

Wild bison will be allowed to migrate out of Yellowstone National Park and stay in parts of Montana year-round under a move Tuesday by Gov. Steve Bullock that breaks a long-standing impasse in a wildlife conflict that's dragged on for decades.

The Democratic governor's decision likely won't end the periodic slaughters of some bison that roam outside Yellowstone in search of food at lower elevations. But for the first time, it allows hundreds of the animals to linger year-round on an estimated 400 square miles north and west of the park. - AP


Coyote runs loose in

Myrtle Beach airport

A coyote made its way into Myrtle Beach International Airport but was trapped and removed before it could come into contact with passengers or employees.

Airport spokesman Kirk Lovell said an Horry County animal control officer cornered and trapped the coyote Tuesday morning near the only federal security checkpoint on the ground floor.

Horry Police Lt. Raul Denis said that an initial report indicated that an officer tried to trap the animal outside the building but that it may have entered through a baggage portal.

Capt. Robert McCullough of the Department of Natural Resources said the coyote was euthanized, following the policy for handling nuisance animals. - AP