The inventor of magicJack, an Internet phone device, has contributed $500,000 to fund three full scholarships at Widener University for siblings or dependents of victims of the Connecticut mass shooting last week. The university announced Friday that it would fund a fourth full scholarship and cover room and board for all the scholarships.

Daniel Borislow, an alumnus of the Chester university and chief executive officer of the company that sells magicJack, said he hoped other CEOs and business leaders would fund similar scholarships at their alma maters. "If there ever was a time to give, now is the time. If each CEO would donate just one scholarship to their alma maters, we would have this covered," Borislow said.

"I was deeply moved when Dan reached out to me in the wake of this tragedy to establish memorial scholarships to honor the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary School," said university president James T. Harris 3d. The scholarships, which cover all costs over four years, will be available for up to 20 years. The cost of tuition with room and board at Widener over four years is $194,944. - Robert Moran